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Strike a pose… Japanese Fashion

The fashion of Tokyo is something I absolutely LOVE. There are so many different styles to choose from; styles from back in the 80’s to style current for today. One main thing I notice is the fashion difference between the sexes. The Older men in Japan wear suits from sun up to sun down. No matter how hot the weather is outside they have on full suits, and their variety of clothing does not stray away from this norm. The women on the other hand have all the fun with fashion, but there are the business women of Japan too.

From Harajuku to Lolita the choices of fashion are endless and I love to see the different styles. Traveling to Shibuya and the Harajuku district were the perfect places where the merging of styles occurred. You of course had your school kids and the many school uniforms. The men dressed in suits like I mentioned above. You have the hip-hop fashion of bright colors and 80’s style. The hip-hop Japanese women here will tan their skin until they are very dark and perm their hair to become as “black” as possible. Then there are the Lolita’s; they come in two forms – one dark and the other bright colors all tied in with lace. The dark Lolita’s are on the edge of Goth (with wearing black), but they wear lots of tutus and lacey dresses. The lighter Lolita’s were the same but in bright colors and patterns. The Goth’s of course wear all black with addition to plaid, spikes, chains and platform boots. So far I have not seen a lot of them; maybe I’m in the wrong district (lol).

There are also the causal everyday clothes. They make baggy clothing look good and presentable and without looking like a slob. The women love to wear tights, stocking or socks with their outfits. Also the women love to walk around in heels all day long that would never last long in America. I’ve also notice that the Japanese like to cover their whole body. When it’s hot weather outside, I am the one to wear as less clothes as possible. Here in Japan, they will cover up from head to toe; long sleeve shirts, jackets, tights, knee to thigh-highs, or socks. Back in America the clashes of the different styles would not fly. Americans are a very “what’s in” type of culture. They will follow the trends that are “happening” and if you’re not wearing what’s current then you’re the loser.

Some quick things I learned about Japanese fashion:

–          Women love tights, thigh-highs, and socks with ALL outfits.

–          Men love suits.

–          Women wear heels since birth.

–          Women love to wear wigs.

–          Face mask are normal to see here (let’s people know you are sick)

–          Baggy clothes never look sloppy.

–          Hats are a main accessory (I bought a few also).

–          They layer clothes, even in 80 degree weather.


2 responses

  1. Yeah, the fashion here in Japan is something that I found rather interesting. Standing in a train station, you get to see pretty much all of it- hippies, the harajuku style fashion, preppy, and lots of suits. One of the things I remember most were a couple- the guy looked like a jock, with his collar popped and everything. However, holding his hand was the cutest little harajuku-fashioned girl. It was so odd to see the two of them together that it really drove home to me how differently they interpret fashion. (Also, I saw a girl with heels on that looked like they had been made from orange construction cones.)

    June 1, 2011 at 12:13 AM

  2. I have to agree the baggy never looks sloppy and layering is a MUST. But as for the style in general it is amazing. To see so many different versions of dress in such a limited area is crazy, you would never witness that here. But from what is seems there is no “norm” or “trend” to follow in particular, of course you see people favoring particular styles but as for overall there seems to be no speculation or bias toward the type of dress in Japan.

    June 8, 2011 at 7:02 PM

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