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2am? Naw, Parties dont stop till 5am (Japan Nightlife)

Of course being 21 years old and in a new country, I must check out the nightlife. And I will you, some of the best nights I’ve ever had at a club. There night life is amazing, and the party doesn’t stop for anyone.

First Friday night in Tokyo was a must for partying. So me and a couple other students got dressed and headed to Shibuya to check out a Club Vuenos. When arrived around 11pm, cover charge was 3000 yen (ouch) and you received a voucher for a drink at the bar. It was dead at the club around 11pm, I was getting upset because I thought we’d pick the wrong place to be, but we were mistaken. Partying in Japan doesn’t start til 1am and ends around 5am in the morning. Once people started showing up, best night out, I danced the whole time I was there.

While in Osaka, I also went to a club, ladies got in free (with a friends help) and guys were 1500 yen to get in. At the beginning of the night it was boring because there DJ (who let us in free), was playing horrible mixes, but after he left things got better.

In comparison, American clubs start at 11pm and end at 2am. People are not as friendly when it comes to dancing with others, but the cover fee is a lot lower and the bar prices are about the same. Overall, my nightlife experience was great and I would love to party it up in Japan again.

Here are a few tips for Japan Nightlife:

  • Bring lots of cash. Cover charges are from $20 to $40 American.
  • You receive a free drink with cover charge.
  • Drinks are all 500 yen ($6 American)
  • Bring money for taxi home (if leaving before subways open).
  • Parties don’t start till 1am (so get a nap in lol).
  • Japanese are very friendly and will dance with anyone and everyone.

One response

  1. They party hard in Japan! It’s too expensive to party all the time but that said, some nights can be really worth it. Clubs in Tokyo are second to none for sure. I agree the club environment was very welcoming and fun although it’s not easy going hard until 5 am. >.<

    June 11, 2011 at 1:02 AM

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