From the mind of LaCole

Favorite city: Shibuya

During the program we visited many different cities, and by far my favorite city is Shibuya. Just four stops away on the subway from our hotel it was very quick and easy to get there.

My first experience of Shibuya was day 2, at night in the rain; we were going for our first group dinner of shabu shabu. It’s a cook your own kind of dinner were they bring you thinly sliced meats and you cook them in boiling water along with vegetables.

That night I was introduce to the most famous intersection in Japan, the five way intersection. It’s an amazing cross-section. When it is time for pedestrians to cross they stop all roads and you can cross the street in any way or direction, you just have to dodge others. Our first night of rain, you dodge people and their umbrellas. When I visited the intersection in the daytime I wanted to get a picture in the middle, but never did.

My second trip back to Shibuya was on a free day. And I feel in love with a mega mall, Shibuya 109, its 10 floors of women’s’ clothing, shoes, purses, accessories. They have style ranging from hip-hop to preppy. It was so hard resisting not buying everything I saw. There is even another identical building across the way called 109 Men, it caters to men clothing and accessories, but still has women store too.

After an afternoon of shopping, Tiffany, Candice, Candice’s sister (Neeko), Allan and I head for lunch at a ramen shop down the street. I ordered a salt type of ramen and it had not flavor at all, and a side of pork dumplings called gyozas, they were another favorite dish of mine.

Another reason for me to love Shibuya is the nightlife. The first club I visited in Japan, Club Vuenos , is in Shibuya and I had a blast. The energy of the city is so big and it’s a big tourist attraction with many shops and restaurants to choose from. They even have pieces of home like Burger King, McDonalds, Sbarro, and Starbucks. Shibuya is probably the city I visited most while in Japan.


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