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SEEEEEGAAAAAAA… Adventure in Club Sega

Sign at Entrance of Club Sega Seeing the word “SEGA” from the street brought so much excitement to me on day two. Who knew walking into the building would be even better. There are six mega floors with so much gaming anyone could spend a whole day and a large sum of money. On the first floor you have some lobster crane machines and photo booths. I did not spend a lot of time on this floor for there was more awaiting on five more floors. On the second floor there were more lobster crane machines and some racer arcade games. Most people on this floor were there to play the crane machines where they could win many anime printed prizes from pillows to blankets and figurines. The favorite prize seemed like the anime mouse pad that had large boobs as a wrist rest. A few of the boys tried the game but walked away empty handed.  The third floor is full of photo booths and a section where girls can dress up in outfits for the photo booths. I wish that I could take a picture of the floor, but not cameras allowed. I spent a lot of time on this floor dressing up with Jessica and Francesca and figuring out the photo booths. The next floor, the fourth is full of arcade games from very old sega to very new.  Allan and Zach spent some time on this floor playing fighting games.

Zach in Club Sega

Allan in Club Sega

On the last two floors were full of RPG (Role-Playing-Games) and simulation games. Gamers who are into RPGs seem to spend a lot time there because they require you to buy cards to save your games and come back for more. Overall the place was massive and amazing, not like anything we would see over in America. In my hometown in metropolitan Detroit I don’t know of any arcades of this stature or arcades in general (I guess unless I was an intense gamer). But I know of a few places in the Lansing area where people can game. One of those places is Pinball Pete’s, but I doesn’t even compare to Club Sega. Gaming arcades are rare here, Americans rather sit in the comfort of their own homes and game either with friends there with them or through online gaming. If Club Sega was to ever exist over here I don’t think it will ever amount to the status over in Japan.


2 responses

  1. When we arrived at Club Sega, I was fascinated! I am not even a gamer, and I was in awe at how big the place was and all the games that were available! I could not believe that there were six floors in the Club Sega arcade! In America, we would be lucky if the arcade had two floors! I am not that into games, but it was a great opportunity to see all the different game options and things you could do like take photos in the photo booths in the arcade! I do wonder if there was a Club Sega in America like there is in Japan, would American gamers prefer to go to Club Sega or keep it traditional and play games in the privacy of their own homes with their preferred game system?

    June 3, 2011 at 1:51 PM

  2. This is my type of place. The Japanese never ceases to amaze me in what they create. Everything is large and obsessive and CLUB SEGA is no stranger to that concept. I mean six whole floors, and people occupying every single one. Traditional arcades here in America are rarely packed and pale in comparison in size, gaming in Japan is a normal activity in everyday life. Its nice to see that you wouldn’t be deemed as “immature” or something of the sort if you play games well into your golden years here. Thats what I need!

    June 8, 2011 at 7:06 PM

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