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Even your butt will thank you… Japanese toilets

Every time I went to the bathrooms in Japan, I felt like I was living in the lap of luxury. After two and a half weeks living in this country I have to say the toilets were well apart of the study abroad experience. Everywhere I went there were “high-tech” toilets; from our hotel to the malls and even the shrine bathrooms had these toilets. There are so many options to choose from on one toilet. There is a button for flushing sounds with volume buttons to suit you. You have your spray button and bidet button for posterior cleaning (still don’t know the difference between the two), and water pressure buttons for the flow at which the water sprays. In addition to the ways of cleaning your posterior there are two ways of flushing; one for liquids and one for solids. But the best thing about these “high-tech” toilets is the HEATED seat, yes heated seats. I’ve heard from past study abroad students about them, but to experience it was great.

Back in America, we would never phantom toilets being this “high-tech” in our homes, let alone in a mall or in shrine bathrooms. American toilets are just moving into the two flushing system of saving water (there are a few on campus) and only people willing to spend money on bidets have them; but in Japan they are the normal way of using the bathroom.

On the other hand I did observe another type of toilet, the traditional Japanese toilet. I saw this toilet for the first time while visiting the Golden Pavilion in Nara. Jessica and I had to use the bathroom while there and it was the only style toilet to use. I did not try it, and never will, even with the instructions provided it is all foreign and I would like to keep it that way. Although it was my first time seeing the toilets after two weeks, I’ve been told they are on the trains we travel on also. These toilets remind me of camping in the woods and having to use nature as a toilet and that’s not something I want to use inside of a building.

From one extreme to the other toilets of Japan are winning over American toilets, if possible I would love to have one in my future home.


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  1. These toilets are one of the highlights of this trip! It’s definitely one of the things I will remember for years to come. There is only one problem I have with these toilets- as soon as I get the hang of how to use them, another version pops up to confuse me! It has an automatic sensor to raise the toilet seat when a person shows up, buttons to raise or lower both seats, and THREE different spray options. I’m not even sure anymore… Man, I’m going to miss these when I get back to the US.

    June 4, 2011 at 11:01 PM

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