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Pose for the camera… Now *click* *click*

Just like vending machines, photo booths are everywhere! There on the streets, subways, arcades, and malls. I still haven’t figured out why they are so popular in Japan. I really love taking pictures so I would enjoy photo booths at any time.

I feel it would not be a Japan experience if I did not try out at least one photo booth while visiting. While visiting Club Sega in Akiharbara, I used a photo booth with Jessica and Francesca. The whole third floor was dedicated to photo booths, and girls could borrow clothes and dress up to take pictures. I was very excited to do this; it was like living out an anime scene. Getting dress was easy; taking the pictures was easy, but then there was editing and finalizing the pictures. After taking the pictures we waited for a few second and thought it would come out the side, just like American photo booths. But we were mistaken, in Japan you not only can you take pictures you can edit them before printing. Jessica, Francesca and I spent about 20-30 minutes editing our pictures, and it didn’t help that is was in Japanese (lol). But after we figured it out, we got to choose two of our best poses, edit and printed them out.

In America we would get only four pictures of four different poses. In Japan you get to edit two favorite poses, edit those two and get stickers of the two pictures. Americans have adapted photo booths, but not to the extent of the Japanese. It makes you think if there were more in America would we use them more, or would it be just like arcades; only for specific people. Overall, I say it was well worth the 400 yen spent and a great experience.


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  1. Purikura is awesome! Everyone loves to do it here, and boys can be easily talked into joining- as long as there are girls around. They also love to take visitors there. Purikura, I learned from my friend, is a shorted version of ‘print club’. It’s awesome because you can take up to 8 pictures, chose to edit whichever ones you like best (up to all eight on some machines!) and then print them out. There’s also a way to have them sent directly to your phone or via QR code. They’re awesome and I’m really going to miss them back in America!

    June 9, 2011 at 6:05 AM

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