From the mind of LaCole

Forgot a tie?… Don’t worry this vending machine has one.

On every corner, in every city, and by every shop, there just about everywhere. They even have a few located at the shrines. I have never seen so many vending machines as I have when I visited Japan.

The main type of vending machines are the drinks, I favored a drink called “C.C. Lemon.” It tasted like lemonade with heavy carbonation, but good none the less. They even had a sport drink called “Pocari Sweat” (who would want to drink that?). Next most seen were the cigarette machines, and in order to get cigarettes you needed to swipe an ID to purchase. They had coffee machines, cup of noodle machines (which I used), ice cream, and even beer was in the machines. The beer was a part of the drink machines and I don’t think you even needed ID to purchase. The most far-out machine I saw was in Kyoto. It had items like flashlight, disposable cameras, batteries, vacuum bags and ties.

There were even vending machines in restaurants. Before you sat down at the bar-style seating you would first pick your meal and drink at the vending machine. Every button had a picture with the items you could pick. After you picked and paid you give you ticket to the waitress and they took it to the cook to make your meal. I visited two places with this feature. I found it very easy to use and if I didn’t like what I saw I could walk out without taking up space at the table.

I even heard there are vending machines with womens’ panties (used and unused),  and machines with live crab.

The one major difference I notice about American vending machines and Japan’s vending machines was the variety and types.  Japanese have choices galore on things to get. But in America we have very few machines and they only consist of drink and snack items like chips, candy or gum. I found it odd that with so many machines in Japan; I could not find one that was a snack-like machine with chips, candy or gum.


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