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Living in the Harajuku District for the night

Check out from the program was May 26th, but I was not leaving until May 27th. Meaning I needed a place to sleep for the night that didn’t put a deeper hole in my pocket. My solution? A comic and internet café in the Harajuku district.

The plan was for my friend Allan and I was to check out of the hotel of the 26th, leave our bag at the hotel and explore Tokyo one last time before out flight the next morning. After our day of adventures in Asakusa, Shinjuku, Ginza and Ikebukuro we headed back to the Harajuku district for the night.

Comic and internet café we stayed in was called Alpha Harajuku Comic and Internet Café. In the heart Harajuku we were close to the JR and shops all around, we even had a 24 hour McDonalds below us if we ever got hungry. They have a full menu or rooms and amenities to choose from (some free, some for a price).

There are three different rooms to choose from; a reclining seat room, a flat sheet room, or a pair seat couch room. All rooms come with a tower PC and a PS2. Outside of the rooms there is a counter to prepare food (like noodles) and a drink vending machine with cold and hot drinks. Aside from the rooms and the food section they have a HUGE variety of manga to read. In this section there are chairs placed around so you can sit and enjoy. I have never seen so many manga books in one place other than the stores that sell them.

As for the pricing, you can do 30 minutes for 290 yen to 12 hours for 2980 yen. They also have overnight specials. For 5 hours you can rent a room for 1280 yen and for 12 hours it is 2400 yen. That is the option we chose (per person).

Other amenities are showers, for a price, games to rent, movies to rent, game controllers, blankets, pillows, and a lot more.

After we ate at McDonalds we settle into our mini room and watch an anime called “Soul Eater” After that is was time for bed since we had to be up and out of the room at 8am. Sleeping on a couch was comfortable for me but uncomfortable for Allan. Overall, I think we should have chosen the flat-style room.

Overall, it was an interesting over night stay. Would I do it again? Yes, but a different room style and maybe try a gaming café instead where there is more game selection and less manga.