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Take me out to the ball game! (Japanese Style)

Back in America I would never get excited to go to a baseball game, but in Japan I was. Dr. C made it sound like it was way better than the baseball at home. This would be my first baseball game I’ve ever been to, go figure it’s in another country. I don’t know what it is like to be at an American baseball game so it is hard to compare, but I had a great time in Japan.

It was the home team, Tokyo Giants against the underdogs, Orix Buffalos playing in the Tokyo Dome. Dr. C told us that he expected this to be a blow out game with the Giants winning with far more points than the Buffalos. We had really good seat in between home and first plate and very close. We were seated by the older crowd and they didn’t cheer as much. The game started off slow with Giants having a run in the first inning and Buffalos didn’t get their first point till the fourth inning. Both teams’ crowds cheering sections were live the whole game. They didn’t stop cheering the whole time, they even had special chants, I wish we learned at least one. The Giants section even brought out a huge sign with pictures of star Giant players.

They even had beer girls walking around serving the many types of beer in Japan. And something the Americans do have it cheerleaders! Yes the Tokyo Giants have a team of cheerleaders to cheer them on.

As the game progress, the Buffalos out of nowhere in the ninth inning start scoring run after run and the underdogs win the game! The final score was Tokyo Giants 1 to Orix Buffalos 4. I had a very fun time at the game and after this; I am willing to go catch a game at Tigers Stadium to see what American baseball is all about.