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Exciting things coming up this summer! :-)

SO… in about 5 days will be 4 month transitional anniversary. I’ve stop the perms, and had my last perm on March the 6th. Lately I have been watching BC or “Big Chop” videos, where women will chop off the rest of their permed hair… and to VERY short lengths. I had planned on transitioning til the end of the year or even a whole 12 months before cutting my hair, but the WANT to do it is making me want to cut it sooner. I dont know, its time for a wash soon, anything could happen ;-).┬áThe transition so far has been great. I have a set regimen that do every week. I stick to braid-outs and twist-outs for styles, though I have tried bantu-knots twice, they haven’t turned out so great. Maybe with all natural hair it will work better.


But anyways, that’s where I am at hair wise. I’ll probably post another section about my hair regimen, so that people who are thinking about transitioning or are transitioning now can have other people to talk to.

Another exciting thing I am ready to embark on is my health and fitness kick. Starting on July 4th (yes on the holiday lol). And will be going for 63 days. I am going to be doing the Insanity workouts and following the food plan. I just took my “before” pictures and will take my measurements soon. I MAY post those pictures, but maybe not lol. I’m really excited to start, I guess you could say I enjoy working out and to challenge myself and body.